In addition to the warranty rights granted to you as a consumer by law anyway, we, the company Wentronic GmbH, grant the manufacturer’s warranty for our Clicktronic® products for a limited period of time for perfect condition and function under the following conditions:

“Consumer” within the meaning of this manufacturer’s warranty is any natural person who is the owner of a Clicktronic® product and has not acquired it in order to resell it or install it on third parties in the course of his or her commercial self-employed professional activity.

1. Guarantee period and assertion of the guarantee
All Clicktronic® products are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of purchase. To enforce the warranty, please contact us using the options listed below. Our competent staff will take up your problem and coordinate the further procedure with you. In the event of a return, please use the original packaging if possible to avoid transport damage. The proof of purchase (receipt/invoice) is required to claim under the guarantee. Please keep this as proof of purchase.
2. Territorial scope of the guarantee
The guarantee applies to our Clicktronic® products in the following countries: EU, UK and Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.
3. Type and scope of the guarantee

The type of warranty service is, at our discretion, free repair or free delivery of replacement of the affected Clicktronic® product (in the case of unavailability, e.g. due to product replacement, we will deliver an equivalent replacement that is as similar as possible. Furthermore, we reserve the right to adapt the warranty to technical progress).

The scope of the guarantee does not cover defects and damage due to improper use, wearing parts and consumables. Improper use includes in particular

– use that deviates from the specifications in the operating/operating instructions (if no operating/operating instructions are available, any use that is not in accordance with the intended use or is unusual is considered improper use), failure to observe the safety instructions in the operating/operating instructions or on the packaging,- damage caused by water, falling or dropping, or damage caused by contamination
– technical interventions such as disassembly, modification or alteration carried out by the user or third parties,
– improper storage
– improper assembly
– normal wear and tear (e.g. scratches) and changes to the surface/colour due to use.

The guarantee also does not apply to display items or B-goods.

If Wentronic determines upon inspection of the Clicktronic® product that the fault/defect in question does not justify the assertion of warranty claims, Wentronic reserves the right to charge the consumer for any costs of the inspection.

Transport costs and risks are not borne by Wentronic.
Damage that has not occurred to the Clicktronic® product itself is also not covered by the warranty. Therefore, claims for damages of any kind, in particular due to breach of duty and tort as well as claims for reimbursement of futile expenses against us as well as against our vicarious agents and assistants under the warranty are excluded; this also applies to claims for compensation for consequential damages. Further claims do not arise within the scope of the guarantee.

The above-mentioned restrictions do not apply to legal rights to which the end customer (consumer) is entitled from a purchase of consumer goods or in general to the purchaser from injury to life, body or health or due to intent or gross negligence or from the Product Liability Act (ProdHaftG).

A performance under the warranty shall neither cause an extension of the warranty period nor shall it trigger a new warranty.

4. Expiry of the guarantee

After expiry of the guarantee period, you also have the option of contacting our service hotline.

However, any repairs that become necessary after the expiry of the warranty period are subject to a charge and are not included in the scope of the warranty.

5. No exclusion of the statutory warranty rights/notices in the case of warranty promises (§ 477 BGB):

The statutory warranty rights are not limited by this warranty, but remain unchanged and fully available to the buyer.

Irrespective of this manufacturer’s warranty and of whether or not the prescribed warranty is invoked in the event of a warranty claim, the statutory warranty rights against the seller shall apply without restriction. Therefore, at the buyer’s own free choice, the legally regulated buyer’s rights due to defects of the purchased item – in particular supplementary performance, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price or compensation for damages (see § 437 BGB and the corresponding special limitation regulations in § 438 BGB) – can be asserted against the seller in addition to or without asserting the warranty claims.

6. Consumer information on out-of-court online dispute resolution and the consumer arbitration board

If and to the extent that manufacturer’s warranty contracts arise between us, Wentronic GmbH, and consumers, we are obliged to provide the following information:

– The European Commission provides a platform (so-called ODR platform) for out-of-court online dispute resolution, which you can find at
– In the area of manufacturer warranty contracts, we are obliged and willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board. We hereby name the consumer arbitration board responsible for us as follows: General Consumer Arbitration Board of the Zentrum für Schlichtung e.V., Straßburger Str. 8, 77694 Kehl am Rhein, Germany, telephone 07851/795 79 40,

7. Customer service data

n the event of a warranty claim, please contact the customer service indicated here.

An exact description of the fault will make our technicians’ work easier and shorten the repair time. Send a fault description with your contact details including a copy of the purchase receipt by e-mail, fax or post. In individual cases we also request defective units.

EU, UK and Switzerland

Callback service: +49 (0180) 5002526*
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Australia and New Zealand

Australia. +61 1300 235 563
New Zealand: +64 800 235 5638

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**On 02.03.2017, the ECJ (ref. 568/15) issued a ruling on the interpretation of the term “basic rate”, stating that the cost of a call made to a service number set up by a trader in relation to a concluded consumer contract may not exceed the cost of a call made to an ordinary geographic landline number or a mobile number. After checking with our service provider, all our contracts have been checked for the new regulation and comply with the legal requirement.
Should you again be charged higher costs, we would like to ask you to contact us. We will of course reimburse you for any additional costs.